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Plan on Maintenance Services

Sasta Ghar team works on the ideology of customer satisfaction and customer service is the key responsibility of Sasta Ghar team in various verticals.

Sasta Ghar’s main objective is to honestly serve our customers and give them a great experience of buying and settling in their new home. Keeping this in mind Sasta Ghar has recently launched a new service called Sasta Repair.

The main agenda for launching this service is to provide a support to all our customers / buyers / clients not just making a purchase through us. But to also help them with a one stop shop for getting them shifted in their new home without any hassle.


We have often felt that buying the house might be easy but shifting the house and settling in the new home comes with small challenges that every household has to face.

Which is where Sasta Ghar team comes into picture.

Sasta Ghar has launched this scheme or service for all our customers with the vision of supporting our customers in handling their major challenges in a smart way.
The Scheme is like a software service for our home buyers where all the hardware and parts cost will be borne by our clients and all the service charges for electrician/ plumbing/ etc. and other services will be taken care of by Sasta Ghar Team.