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2 BHK in new Delhi

2 BHK In New Delhi

  • 05 May, 2022
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Are you looking for 2 BHK In New Delhi? Then Sasta Ghar is a one-stop solution for the best home in South Delhi. Sasta Ghar will provide your dream home. A home which you deserve & desire. We are working towards our vision & our vision is to give a home to everyone. Home where you can make your life more beautiful. Home is not only a place it is a feeling which connects with our lots of emotions. Own home gives us stability & security in our family. If we say buying your own home is the dream of lots of people then it is not wrong but doesn’t just a dream make it real. Sasta Ghar will hold your hand from searching to till shifting.  We assure you that will give you a good home in a good location with the best connectivity.

Our Services:

  • Zero brokerage
  • Verified inventories
  • All documentation is checked by the legal team.
  • Solve your all doubt regarding documentation.
  • Show property according to you.
  • Free to visit until getting satisfaction
  • Loan facility

The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave & it feels better to come back. In Delhi, most of the people live in rented houses & face many problems like. Space issue, issue of per month rent, parking problem, & timing problems. But if you buy your own home you feel free from these problems. It is not easy to buy a home, But we will make your journey easier. So you should check this property at once. 2 BHK flat “Pavitra”

Details About 2 BHK In New Delhi

  • 2 BHK in 100 sq. yd
  • Location: Mandi, South Delhi

Facilities & Amenities In 2 BHK In New Delhi

Facilities & Amenities In 2 BHK In New Delhi

You will get all facilities & amenities which make your life easy & comfortable such as Branded fittings, Solar panels, Huge car parking, a Terrace garden with yoga space, Earthing, & Home automation. All these facilities make your life easy & secure. Solar panels decrease your common area electricity bill which is always a hot point in most societies. Parking is the most disputed point in Delhi you get good flat but getting spacious & good parking is very rare. But here you will get huge parking. Terrace garden where you can spend time with your family or with yourself in morning & evening time. Earthing is the rarest feature which you get but this is most important for our family safety. In this building, Earthing is also available.

This is an under-construction building. The main benefit of an under-construction building is you can customize it according to yourself. You will get flexible payment options in under-construction properties.

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