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Independent House For Sale

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Independent House For Sale

Independent House For Sale

  • 08 August, 2023
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Independent House For Sale. Your home is truly a sanctuary, a place where you can fully experience the ups and downs of life. It’s where you find solace from trials and anxieties, leaving all your troubles behind. People have different reasons for valuing security – the need for personal safety, the desire for comfort, or even a means of showcasing social status among their peers. Regardless of the motivation behind it, there is no denying that security holds significant importance in our lives.

The financial aspect of buying a home holds significant importance since it is typically the most significant financial transaction for many individuals in India. The decision to rent or buy can be pretty challenging. However, we are here to help you resolve all your concerns and provide effective solutions for purchasing your dream home.

Benefits Of Buying Independent House

Independent houses are quickly gaining popularity among savvy real estate investors. Although they may be considered a relatively new concept, the benefits of purchasing an independent house are numerous and undeniable.

Opting for an independent house offers unparalleled privacy, setting it apart from apartments that house numerous other units on the same floor. Say goodbye to any distractions or disruptions caused by others. With an independent house, you can relish the luxury of enjoying your own personal space without any interference.

Living in a shared space, whether a floor or a building, can lead to higher maintenance charges due to the increased number of occupants. On the other hand, residing on an independent floor grants you the freedom to easily maintain and manage your personal space without additional expenses. Invest in an independent living arrangement and enjoy hassle-free maintenance!

In today’s world, finding parking has become a significant concern for many people. However, if you are fortunate enough to own an independent house, you can enjoy the convenience of having dedicated parking spaces. On the other hand, in buildings and shared rooms, parking often becomes a point of contention among residents.

Independent House In South Delhi For Sale

Area: 125 Sq. Yards

Type: Independent House

Location: Chhatarpur Enclave, New Delhi

Nearest Metro Station: Chhatarpur Metro Station

Land Title: GPA Property

Price: 2.10 cr

Call For Any Info 9871057424, 7428577424

Full video of this property: Click Here

GOVERNMENT FACILITIES: Independent House In South Delhi

  • BSES Meter
  • 24X7 Water Supply
  • IGL Gas Pipeline

CONNECTIVITY: Chattarpur Enclave

  • Approx 1.7 Km. from Qutub Metro Station
    & Chattarpur Metro Station.
  • 50 Mtr. from Main Road
  • 100 Mtr. Bus Stop
  • The airport Is Just 11 Km.
  • Gurugram Border 9 Km.
  • Market Only 200 Mtr.

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