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under-construction flats in Delhi

Under-Construction Flats In Delhi

  • 11 November, 2022
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Under-Construction flats in Delhi. If you are looking for an ongoing project in Delhi. Then you are at the right place. Under-construction projects are the best way to invest your money it will give you the best appreciation as compared to ready-to-move projects. Under-construction projects have less price as compared to ready-to-move projects. They are already at their standard rate or at market price so there is less chance to get higher appreciation. But in an under-construction project, you get the property at less price and you will get good appreciation also.

Every person has a dream to build their home according to their choice. If you go to buy ready-to-move flats then you are ready to sacrifice with your choice because there is no chance of customization options. But if go with under-construction projects then you will get customization options. It means you can choose the tiles for the floor, fitting & fixtures, Kitchen designs & many more.

A small risk in an under-construction property is sometimes builders delay their project, not delivering the project on time. Builders failed to deliver what they promised. But if you want to reduce this risk you have to be aware of your rights. You have to make a builder-buyer agreement and mention everything clearly. Points you have to mention in the Builder-Buyer – Agreement is given below.

If you want to know about the Under-Construction V/S Ready-To-Move Property then Click Here.

Builder – Buyer- Agreement: Flats In Delhi

  • Property title
  • Possession Date
  • Agreement by the name of the owner of the property
  • Whole payment
  • Future payment schedules
  • No hidden charges
  • Your rights in Building
  • Specification

If the builder is not giving what he promised to you. You can take action against him. That’s why to be careful at the time of the builder buyer agreement.

Under-Construction Flats In Delhi: Pavitra

 The “Pavitra” is the best project in South Delhi. This is a luxurious and spacious flat. 2 BHK flats of 100 Sq. Yd. All fittings are branded and one-year maintenance service is free on this building – Pavitra. This building is in mandi, South Delhi near Gurugram. People who are doing jobs in the cyber city, Gurugram so this is the best location for them. 

This project ends your search for your own home. For people who are doing jobs in Gurugram, Cyber Hub but can’t afford a home in Gurugram then this is the best property for them. Then this is the best project for them because right now mandi is a developing area so the rate of the property is less than in other areas of Delhi & Gurugram. But this area is developing very fast. The most amazing thing is after some years mandi will have its own metro station so it definitely increases the value of the land. As resultant we can say that you will get a nice appreciation in future.

Sasta Ghar always thinks about customers’ interests. Our team will neither tell more nor fewer rates of properties we give you exact details of the property, Sasta Ghar assures you that we give you the best property in every segment. We give you services until you did not get satisfaction because we work till customers did not get 100% satisfaction. We try to give you a home, not a house. 2BHK Pavitra Flats In Delhi.

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